Monday, 15 April 2013

A Warm Weekend

The weather's warming up nicely so this weekend was all about getting outside and making the most of the sunshine.

Friday evening saw us taking Rich's family to the Metro before heading into town for an ice cream and popping up to the cinema and having the most intense massage chair experience ever.


Saturday was just glorious so we packed up a picnic and headed out to find a spot in the park.  This one, alongside the Palau de las Arts, the stream in the park and under a shady tree seems perfect for us.

We don't do things by halves, it's blankets and cushions all the way for us!


On Sunday we went out for a walk and stumbled across a flamenco and equestrian display in the park.  As you do. 

And then after 5 minutes we ran into a group of people who were participating in a Lindy Hop demonstration.  As you do.  Seriously, this park is always packed with things going on!

We stopped for lunch at one of my favourite places to hit on a Sunday, 100 Montaditos.  Everything's €1 including drinks so we ordered a selection of montaditos (little sandwiches), nachos and tinto verano (like sangria) and scoffed the lot all for just €11!

We then wandered up to the Bioparc for what I think is our 7th visit.  The animals were all really close, unlike it often is in the middle of the day so I definitely recommend a late afternoon visit. 

The new baby giraffe is just adorable!

And the gorillas had also welcomed a new baby.

So all in all, a lovely relaxed weekend which seemed very quiet after a wonderfully busy week with Rich's family.  We have a couple of Rich's friends arriving on Thursday for a weekend visit which will be fantastic, but a chilled out weekend was definitely in order.  

I'm sure there'll be lots more pictures to go up next week, possibly including my 8th visit to the Bioparc.  I do like to get my money's worth!

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