Friday, 17 August 2012

8 sleeps to go...

So don't get me wrong, I am so excited to move.  It's just that with a little over a week until I step on that plane, I'm starting to get a little... I'm not even sure.

I suppose I'm nervous.  Of moving to a country where I don't speak the language and I've never lived before.  And of starting my first teaching job in said new country.  Teaching is wonderful and I love it, but it can be stressful and challenging so I suppose I'm nervous about not having my friends and family around me.

Ah, friends and family.  I typed that and my stomach did a little flip because last night I had a little moment.  I was getting so worried about how to fit in seeing all the people that I need to see before I go and I will admit I got a little teary.  Because as exciting as this is, as much of an adventure as it will be, I am moving away from my lovely family and that's pretty scary.

It's not just nerves or anxiety though.  I'm struggling to even put my finger on which emotion it is.  I think I'm just overwhelmed.  By how much I have to get ready, by how quickly it's come round and by all the things that are going to change a week tomorrow.  In 8 sleeps.  Gulp.

Annoyingly being overwhelmed has taken away a good 90% of my excitement this week.  Well being overwhelmed and all the boring jobs I have to do, they don't help either.  I definitely need some excitement back so my next post will be solely focused on things that I am excited about.  I don't intend for this blog to just be about me feeling like this...

I'm pretty certain that a large part of this feeling is to do with the fact that I haven't seen Rich for a few days so I'm doing all of this getting ready on my own.  Roll on Tuesday when I'm sure (after seeing him) that I will be raring to get on that plane.


  1. I am so so excited for you! I am not surprised at your feelings, remember it's a bit change so ride them out, it's normal and all part of the experience! Looking forward to reading all about it here xxx

  2. How long are you going for? I did a similar thing in Poland (although only for 5 months) and while it was very daunting and tough at times, overall it was a brilliant experience and I have nothing but fond memories for my time there. I'm sure you'll end up loving your new life.