Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fallas Museum

Fallas is a big fiery deal in Valencia.  It's the festival held in Valencia each March, commemorating Saint Joseph and it involves a lot of partying and fire.  Yes, fire.  Because each area of Valencia, creates a huge statue, which are known as a falla, and on the final night of Fallas, all but 1 are burnt to the ground.

We happen to live around the corner from the Fallas Museum where the winning fallas go after they win.  As these date back to 1936 they represent a lot of Valencian history.  Each statue is a sight to behold; a lot are funny and many are quite grotesque and almost creepy and it's a great place to go to get an idea of what the festival involves especially if you can't be in town for the festival.  For this reason it's likely that I'll take my family this week, especially as it's free at the weekends.  That and it's super close to our flat, look-

(Remember the Palau de Artes is just at the end of our road.)

Now, this blog post is a bit of a fail because you aren't allowed to take photos in the museum, but I have scouted some photos to give you an idea of Fallas and the fabulous fallas which can be found within.

So if any friends are reading this, feel free to visit between 14th and 19th March so that we can all drink, throw firecrackers around and watch the fallas burn!

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