Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mercado Colon

We discovered this little oasis on Friday (day off, another holiday), having varied our route to wander into town.  It now occurs to me that I must ensure I do this more often because otherwise I will not discover such gems and will simply see the same places every time.  Anyway, back to the mercado (market.)

On Friday we ducked inside to get out of the rain, but went back on Saturday to have a coffee on our way into the city to do some shopping.  It is stunning.  A covered space with bars, restaurants and stalls selling beautiful jewellery and crafts, it feels calm and quiet, unlike a lot of this city.  I was surprised that the drinks were so reasonable (€1.80 for a coffee con leche and also €1.80 for a small beer) given the rather smart surroundings.  We were there at around 1pm ad it was full of smartly dressed over Valencians; it seemed like the place to be.

This is definitely somewhere to call into for a drink on the way into the city when my parents visit.

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