Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wandering around Carmen

Carmen, the central barrio, is pretty stunning.  I fancied a wandering around sort of Sunday so we headed to the centre of the old town, where we had been last night for dinner and drinks to explore a little more.

We had quite a lot of rain on Friday, culminating in an electrical storm on Friday night and Saturday was cool and overcast.  Luckily the good weather returned today and here are the photos to prove it...

La Catedral Santa Maria in Plaza de la Reina. 

I loved how precarious the top floor of the red building looks.  Also the restaurant on the left (La Papadelle) is where we went last night.  We will return and I will post about it properly soon.

That's more like it. 

Plaza de la Virgen, just behind the catedral. 

A quick sit down at the Jardin de las Hesperides to admire the fruit trees.

And my nails.  Well, I'm still a beauty blogger at heart!

It was a lovely, warm, chilled out Sunday to round off a lovely, chilled out weekend.  I had a long and tiring week so this was just what I needed to do before we welcome our first visitors on Wednesday.

I'm sure to have lots of new posts by this time next week as we will have had 4 days with Rich's parents, and we're so excited!  Roll on Wednesday! 

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