Monday, 18 March 2013

Fallas Day 4

We were flagging a bit today. After being woken up at 8am by fireworks that lasted an hour, we went back to sleep til 1pm so we didn't leave the house until 2pm but when we did, we were greeted by our local falleras and falleros, on their way to the flower ceremony in Plaza de la Virgin, exactly where we were heading!

The weather was a lot better today, perfect for wandering around the city and enjoying the flower ceremony.  We couldn't get a perfect view of the front and of the huge Virgin Mary statue made of flowers, but we enjoyed what we saw nonetheless.

The flowers that are offered, get put into a large display to the side of the square. 

It was so warm today!


Not a cloud in the sky!

Possibly my favourite part of the day- my frozen yogurt.

A very busy street in El Carmen.

Rich looking dapper in his panuelo, the traditional attire. You wear it like this, but turn it around and cover your mouth when the fallas burn tomorrow night, in the crema. 


There seemed to be more of a party atmosphere on the streets today, perhaps because the weather was so gorgeous, but there was a lot of dancing going on as everyone processed through town.

Tiny babies on their float!

Not bad at 5pm.

We've just had dinner and are going to watch a movie before heading out to watch tonight's fireworks.  We're debating a day out somewhere tomorrow, but I suppose that will depend on the time we wake up in the morning!

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