Monday, 8 July 2013

Lucy and Olly´s visit

I absolutely love it when people visit us for the first time.  This city is stunning and visiting at this time of year means you get to see it all, including relaxing on the beach.  This trip has been a long time coming, as Lucy and Olly said they´d visit as soon as we announced we were moving over and I couldn´t wait, as anyone who follows me on Twitter will have seen!

This was a really well timed visit as Rich left for Doha on the Saturday morning and I was so glad of some company over the weekend. We fitted lots in.  Sorci e Morsi on Wednesday (again, I know!) with the Bioparc and Tommy Mel´s American Diner on Thursday and the beach on Friday night for Rich´s goodbye dinner (sniff).  The evening included champagne, lobster and many, many cocktails, awesome!

Saturday saw us saying bye to Rich before visiting the Oceanografic and having a siesta before heading out for tapas and gin at Doce, a gin club with 312 varieties of gin!  Sunday was a relaxed affair (well after or very hot run in the park it was) as we wandered round the Fallas museum, then jumped on a bus to the beach for a day of pure relaxation and a big paella lunch.  Just perfect.

I try and treat every set of visitors coming over as a little holiday and that tends to involve a few G&Ts and mojitos... Well, it´d be rude not to when it´s this hot!

Thanks so much for coming over guys, I had an amazing time!

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