Monday, 15 July 2013

My Last Visitors

I had another weekend of visitors, fun and frolics.  A spontaneous decision was made that Kat (my brother´s lovely girlfriend) and her parents would come over before I leave Valencia.  As Kat was returning for the second time and had seen most things last time, we relaxed for the weekend but her parents did a great job of seeing plenty of the city in just 2 days.

I was exhausted by the end of the week but managed to shake off a migraine just in time to enjoy some delicious food, scrummy cocktails and fabulous relaxed days on the beach. Sometimes you just need a couple of girlie days to chat and chill.  This really is the life...

Enjoying our Agua de Valencia.

Anyone for salmon ice cream? Anchovies? Tortilla?   Me neither!

 Just chilling.


The Umbracle, on our way over to Sorci e Morsi.

Mmm, limoncella. Not Kat´s favourite!

1am traffic jam at the beach.

Kat´s parents´first paella went down well.

Just another weekend in paradise!  I´m hoping that packing and cleaning won´t take up all of my last weekend here, and that I can find a bit of time to head back down to the beach to carry on topping up my tan.  It won´t be the same without Kat to chat to though, I don´t think we stopped talking for more than 5 minutes all weekend- I was even talking to her in my sleep!

Thanks so much for coming over Kat, it was a great weekend!

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