Friday, 5 July 2013

A visit from Mum and Dad

I was desperate to see my parents by the time they arrived last Tuesday, as I hadn´t seen them since Easter. We managed to fit in quite a lot into their little visit, including some favourite restaurants as well as a new one. I´m sure I´ve moaned before how about how frustrating it can be to have visitors when I´m working- I jst want to go ot and do all the fun things as well, not go to work all day and come home exhausted!

And I really was exhausted last week. Summer school as begun and the first week knocked me for six so I apologise to my Mum and Dad for being as sleepy as I was.  Nonetheless we had a great time and for me the highlights were a gorgeous meal at Sorci e Morsi (our all time favourite Valencia restaurant) outside as nothing beats a relaxed meal in the open air for me, along with tapas in El Carmen, burgers at the beach and paella in the city.  All of my favourite things are food related but that´s very normal for me!

We had planned a day out on the Saturday but I was exhausted and so we chilled and wandered up to the park, into the city and home again instead.  Time to just relax with my parents and chat is more valuable than ever now and I really do cherish the lovely times we get together. When you live away like this, I think you have to create really special quality time together, or it becomes really hard.

So here´s some pictures from their visit. I can´t help but be impressed at how stunning my Mum is looking at the moment and seeing how happy and confident she now is made my week!

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